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Who Are Schuller German Kitchens

Certainly, Schuller kitchens have a reputation for quality and design. No doubt something which has helped Schuller grow to become one of the Top 10 kitchen companies in Europe and about the 5th biggest in Germany.

The company claims that it will tailor its Schuller German fitted kitchens to the needs of the individual with five different plinth lengths available allowing for a range of different working heights.

The five different plinth heights vary from 100 to 200 mm and the possibilities of tailoring the kitchen exactly to the requirements of its user are further increased with two different base unit heights of 715 or 780 mm to choose from. This allows the German kitchen (from Schuller) working heights between 855 and 1020 mm. The two recess heights in combination with the different wall unit heights offer a variety of individual design possibilities.

(above image is the Nova Gloss from Schuller's Living Range)

The Schuller German kitchen is designed ergonomically too, with optimum adaptation for both the space and the people using it. Where Schuller German kitchens come into their own however, is with the different designs that are available. Schuller states that it offers six different kitchen realms, including: Living, which is designed to bring all of the family together; Start, perfect for young people starting out on their own; Prime, with its attention to the little things that really count in life; Feeling, with the emphasis on love and nature; and Image, for those who highly value pleasing aesthetics.

Ambitious technical solutions for the perfect storage space also help the Schuller German kitchen come into its own by offering clever storage the likes of Blum is well known for.

The drawer and pull-out systems from Schuller and fitted in all of their modern kitchens come with the following options and features.

1. Motion self-closing and damping system

All drawers are equipped with self-closing damping Motion. The self-closing drawer closes gently and softly within the last 3-5 cm thus ensuring closeness in the final position.

2. Pull-outs in different heights and several variants

In the kitchen space is particularly valuable. In order to use every available space perfectly, from cutlery to large pots, we have introduced a 130 grid-system: Drawers and pull-outs with 130 mm, 260 mm and 390 mm height.

3. Double-wall drawer side, hidden runners

Double-wall steel drawer side provides high capacity and stability. The fully hidden runner slides easily and quietly with a carriage system of high- quality plastic. The full pull-out allows access into all areas.

4. Glass boxside

In the new glass boxside-look the side parts of the pull-outs give a generous and elegant impression. The calendered glass in combination with metal provides a noble, perfect ending on the side.

5. The drawers are available in a large variety of equipment systems

Easily accessible, ready for immediate use and well-tidied up - this is how the contents of the drawers present themselves. The intelligent, variable organization system manages


(above image is the Nova from the Schuller Prime Collection)

Schuller History

Founded in 1965 by Otto Schüller, today the innovative company is among the Top 5 kitchen manufacturers of Europe. Since 2003 the family-run company has been directed by Markus Schüller, Max Heller and Manfred Niederauer.

About 1.140 employees produce about 95.000 kitchens a year in the Franconian Herrieden – each of them individually tailored according to the customer, made in Germany and environmentally orientated.

Schüller is internationally acting on the markets of Germany, Europe and across the borders. Always open to new ideas, always assuming responsibility for all – the company, the employees, the trading partners and the environment.

Schüller commits itself and has an active share in environmental protection by a responsible production, the use of recyclable materials as well as an investment of millions in innovative heating technologies and heat recovery. Since quality for Schüller means as well quality of living from House to Home.

Schüller. Kitchens for living.