LLB and Moben 2011 Predictions – before the collapse!

Looking back at the last 18 months, a lot has happened in the kitchen industry, and it has to be said, most of it wasn’t positive.

Especially poignant was this old article from Moben Kitchens we found which looking back now, has quite a sombre tone to it. The article was written for the start of 2011, eyes were wide open with anticipation of how the year would shape out. We were being told that although the 2010 Christmas was a washout, that we shouldn’t worry and 2011 would be our year, the year in which the UK economy would ignite the flames of growth and we would avoid a Double Dip recession.

So then with the staff of Moben gearing up for 2011 and looking forward to a better year than last in their 122 showrooms, this article was written by the self proclaimed fitted kitchen specialists Moben and brand ambassador Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen to discuss what three key trends will be leading the way in kitchen design in the New Year:

That the piece was called 2011 predictions and no it didn’t mention collapse or administration but some pretty sound creative advice from Llewelyn-Bowen.

1) White is more than alright

For a crisp finish, guaranteed to bounce light around your home, you can’t go wrong with the classic styling of white.

As a never-ending trend, white can bring a real sense of expense to any modern kitchen. Easy to update and with an undeniable longevity – white is a dependable choice that won’t fade and will always maintain a sparkling clean finish.

Keep it minimalistic – with stainless steel appliances and black gloss accents, such as in Moben’s curvaceous Ellipse kitchen. Or stay traditional with a homely wooden design such as Moben’s Edwardian kitchen range. From city chic to country cottage chintz, white can be manipulated to be exactly how you want it, without imposing on your home.

Add bold sumptuous colours, or keep it monochrome. White kitchens will continue to be a trend for 2011 as they give homeowners the greatest freedom for design input and the opportunity to truly put your own touches to it.

2) The Living Kitchen

As the real hub of the home, where conversations are shared and meals are made together. The kitchen is often seen as the heart to any family. As such, it makes sense that the trend for integrated seating and communal cooking is set to continue to boom.

Moben’s citrus Geneva design bridges the gap between the kitchen and living area, with a built-in media centre and breakfast bar. As somewhere to take time to enjoy each other’s company, the kitchen is changing as somewhere to purely cook and prepare food – to being seen as somewhere to linger and ‘live.’

People are turning their backs on ready meals and taking the time to sit down and stay in the kitchen, rather than migrating to the living room. Culinary masters are showing up all over the country, as demonstrated in the popularity of Moben’s latest appliances. Showing off with a teppanyaki grill or cooking on a modern kitchen island unit is that opportunity to show off culinary flair – whether you are team Heston, or Jamie.

For an inclusive kitchen – where cups of tea are shared and design is of the element. The ‘living kitchen’ will be something to watch out for in 2011 – whether you know about it or not.

3) Colour, Curves and Texture

People often say ‘less is more,’ but not for 2011. Texture? Curves? Colour? Try one – or all three together. Daring is something to embrace but is not for the fainthearted.

Curves add a gorgeous fluidity into the mix – keeping ergonomics high on the agenda and making the space undeniably social.  For a dinner with a difference the stunning Ellipse kitchen could easily escort you to luxury ‘restaurant-style’ surroundings. But with the knowledge that you never have to leave!

Texture shouldn’t be overpowering. As a subtle hint – of an extra special something there, it should accent the design without overshadowing it. The gorgeous Ripple kitchen is textured to the touch, but without dating it.

Colour is often something of debate. With a nod to neon, zesty colours are bang on trend for 2011. Try zingy lime green, bright and bold fuscia pink or a warm and powerful red. Tone it down by pairing the accent colour with black or grey and let it sheen with a high gloss finish. You can be sure with a style statement like the Studio kitchen, your new‘ designer’ kitchen won’t go unnoticed to visitors.

2011 is about doing something new, and whether you choose a subtle style statement with texture or opt for a shocking colour – you won’t regret opting for something different.

Moben had some 122 showrooms in the UK and with the head office in the North West they featured very prominently for people buying kitchens in Wigan, Widnes, Southport, kitchens stockport, kitchens in Preston, Liverpool and kitchens Manchester. amongst others.