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Rotpunkt Timber Black Dark Kitchen

New Rotpunkt door fronts to capitalise on dark kitchens trend

Kbb News - New Rotpunkt door fronts have been released to enable the kitchen brand to capitalise on the growing 'dark kitchens' trend.

German kitchen manufacturer Rotpunkt has unveiled 2 new door fronts, namely Timber Black and Tundra, that are specifically designed to embrace the dark kitchen interiors trend. 

Timber Black is a dark structured wood decor, which is ideal for a contemporary design, and can be used on doors, drawers and end panels. It can also be carried through to the carcase to bring a physical connection between the inside and outside of each unit.

Tundra is a mid-grey handleless door front with a super matt surface, which creates a solid foundation when paired with dark wood furniture and Matt Black accessories.

Matt Phillips, head of UK operations at Rotpunkt, said: “Offering modern planning options for the contemporary kitchen living space, our new Timber Black wood decor not only inspires a stronger connection with nature but also satisfies the markets continued love of dark colours, rich texture and statement pieces in the home. As the footprint in an open-plan environment is often shared, single-wall kitchens have become a great way to ensure a practical use of space without encroaching on the living and dining areas. We’ve combined a modest mix of wall and base units here in Timber Black, as a way to show how dark wood furniture can easily blend with the latest built-in appliances, sinks and taps, and contemporary handleless furniture like the featured wall unit in Tundra.”

Lost in Translation?

Perhaps the marketing messaging got lost in the press release translation or we at Kitchens Kitchens are not seeing the same colour, but to us, having not seem the Tundra door in the flesh, it seems more of a green hue, rather than mid-grey as the Rotpunkt press release states?

The accompanying photo from Rotpunkt shows a demonstrably 'dark kitchen' in the new Rotpunkt Timber Black door front but the addition of Zerox MA Tundra used in the demo image wall cabinet, shown above the sink.

Rotpunkt Zerox SY VER Timber Black
Rotpunkt Zerox SY VER Tundra

Rotpunkt Dark Kitchens

Whilst those looking for a new german kitchen, albeit a 'dark' one, may well be pleased about the addition of the Timber Black door, Rotpunkt do have several other 'dark kitchens' in their door style line up that offer a lot of choice, if you want a dark theme.

Rotpunkt Midnight Blue Dark Kitchen
Rotpunkt Midnight Blue
Rotpunkt Memory SL Zero Black Dark Kitchen
Rotpunkt Memory SL Zero Black
Rotpunkt Zerox SY VER Loft Black Oak Dark Kitchen
Rotpunkt Zerox SY VER Loft Black Oak
Rotpunkt Zerox HPL XT Clay Dark Kitchen
Rotpunkt Zerox HPL XT Clay