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German kitchen brand Poggenpohl relaunches goldreif

Upmarket German kitchen brand Poggenpohl recently revealed further details of its decision to relaunch sister brand goldreif after an 11 year absence from the UK kitchen market.

The ‘goldreif ‘ brand, part of the Poggenpohl group since the 1970s, was shelved by parent company Nobia in 2002 but has seen a rebirth as whilst Nobia wants to keep the brand Poggenpohl “pure”, it is squarely facing up to other German kitchen brands stretch their value propositions downward for greater market share.

Whilst the likes of Nobilia has put the same kitchens it sells via Kutchenhaus in Homebase, under the Odina name, which can only undermine the exclusivity selling point of Kutchenhaus, other brands like Schuller stay true to their brand name and instead offer a more price sensitive kitchen offering. Poggenpohl, it seems, are favouring the Schuller kitchens route, instead, they’vre introduced “goldreif by the Poggenpohl Group.”

goldreif offers inspirational choice and quality at a smart price. goldreif offers a comprehensive range, including the gap-filling handle-less and classic ranges. With over 80 years of brand heritage, goldreif service is backed by a single point of contact through the Poggenpohl Group.

At the same time, goldreif also introduces a complimentary brand cooperation with Electrolux for kitchen appliances, with exclusive presentation of their premium Gourmet Range in goldreif kitchens.

The aim with goldreif is to increase market share in the mid market to premium segment, to compliment Poggenpohl's luxury market position. The goldreif product will only be available through Poggenpohl's own studio network . goldreif kitchens will be produced in Nobia's factories in Wels and Freistadt in Austria.