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The Global Kitchen concept for 2014 Kbb Birmingham

Schuller tells kbb Birmingham sales are up 32percent on last year

kbb 2012 had been a superb success for Schuller, so the company had high hopes for kbb 2014. Stretch targets were set regarding the number of new retailers to sign up at the show and for displays and point of sale orders for existing retailers. By midday on the second day of the show, the company had met its target for the whole of the exhibition!

Schuller has already had a great start to 2014 with figures by the end of February 2014 up 32% on the previous year. Wayne Dance, Managing Director of UK agency InHouse Inspired Room Design, told us: "2014 is set to be our best year ever. A lot of this is down to excellent results at kbb 2014 and also a contract for 247 kitchens, which we've won off Howdens. It's a great way to show that Schuller is a competitive choice of German kitchens, across all different sectors.

"As well as exhibiting product, we wanted to do something that would really help our retailers secure their businesses in the years ahead. With threats from the sheds and large home stores, as well as from online, we really need to show consumers why they should visit a kitchen specialist and to help retailers build a strong and cohesive brand that has broader reach than just the local market.

"At kbb 2014, we have launched a comprehensive marketing and point of sale package - there's really nothing else like it on the market. It struck a real chord with retailers who are disappointed with the lack of support from their current suppliers. The reaction has been superb with many retailers taking up this offer. We believe it's the way that we can guarantee the future of the kitchen specialist.

Stuart Dance, Sales Director of InHouse Inspired Room, added: "We are helping retailers market their business in three key ways. First is to attract more people into the showroom through creative advertising using a cohesive brand theme across the UK. Secondly it's about educating consumers in terms of Schuller's quality and service. Thirdly, it's driving post sales support with creative ideas to increase the number of referrals from satisfied customers."