AEG’s ProCombi SousVide brings professional cooking to the home

AEG’s ProCombi SousVide brings the precisely controlled cooking method of professional chefs to its multifunction steam oven to deliver melt-in-the-mouth flavoursome and nutritious food at home. The addition of the AEG vacuum-sealer drawer completes the sous vide system.

”Sous vide is a wonderfully versatile cooking technique, and AEG is proud to bring it into  UK homes” says Graham Bremer, Head of Marketing. ”There is almost no limit to the range of dishes that can be enhanced using this method”. The new AEG ProCombi SousVide Oven provides passionate cooks with the ultimate in cooking, sealing in the aromas, taste and nutrients of food under vacuum, then applying gentle steam to cook at very low temperatures for delicious results. But it is not just a sous vide oven. This oven is the most advanced multifunctional oven available, offering every possible oven cooking method, from conventional cooking, baking, grilling, steam-cooking as well as sous vide cooking – all within a single appliance.

Conventional cooking at high temperatures can cause food to lose up to 50% of its original size. By using the AEG SousVide programme weight loss decreases to only 5-10% while the  infusion of flavours  is dramatically enhanced. This is down to the efficient vacuuming process which eliminates almost all oxygen. Oxygen attacks food, making it oxidise and change colour. Therefore if the air is removed, these changes can be prevented.

Cooking with the AEG ProCombi SousVide Oven involves a simple, two-step process. First, dishes are vacuum sealed using  the AEG vacuum drawer. Then, they are steamed at temperatures as low as 54 degrees for a long period of time. This technique provides delicious tasting food and since all the ingredients are locked in together in a vacuum sealed bag all the nutrients and flavours end up in the finished dish. What’s more, the internal temperature of the oven can be controlled as accurately as within 1 degree for consistently perfect results each time.

The use of vacuum sealing allows food to be easily prepared and pre-cooked when time is available. Food can then be kept in the fridge or freezer ready for the final cooking process meaning you can have delicious, home-made, ready meals for weekday dinners that require minimal time and effort. And because nothing can burn, overcook or dry out during the sous vide process everything takes care of itself. You no longer even need to turn ingredients to achieve even-cooking!

With the AEG ProCombi Sous Vide Oven not only can you use the dedicated sous vide programme, you can also steam, roast, grill and bake for the finishing touches that will achieve that holy grail of cooking- meat that is wonderfully moist on the inside and crisp and textured on the outside.

  • AEG ProCombi SousVide oven
  • SousVide temperature range of 54-80 degrees
  • SousVide programme
  • Three steam levels
  • Grill
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • ThermicAir for even heat distribution
  • SoftMotion closing door
  • Core Temperature Sensor
  • A-20%
  • Available June 2014


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