Indesit, Hotpoint and Creda potential fire risk with tumble dryers


KBB news sites reported in the last two weeks that the Indesit Company had identified a fault and announced a “potential safety issue” with two of its tumble dryer models, and is carrying out a repair program in response, advising all consumers with the products in question to contact the company.

The fault reportedly relates to the large air-vented dryer and condensing dryer sold under the brand names Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda between April 2004 and October 2015. Indesit has stated that it is contacting the owners of the affected appliances to arrange a “free of charge upgrade”.

Indesit has stated that consumers can continue to use the affected dryers “provided they are not left unattended during operation”. “If left unmodified, in some rare cases, excess fluff can come into contact with the heating element and present a risk of fire,” the company said.

The company has launched a public campaign to announce the repair program to consumers and according to Indesit, it cannot speculate on the “specific figure” regarding the number of appliances that are affected by the fault, but estimates that a “significant number of units” will be affected.

According to the company, dryers produced after October 2015 are not affected by the issue due to modifications implemented by the company at the point of manufacture after it came across the fault.

The consumer champion Which? revealed howver that more than 100 Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryer models manufactured between April 2004 and October 2015 could pose a fire risk according to their research, and two weeks on from the news breaking about the Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryer safety alert Which? lambasted the manufacturer as it still hadn’t listed the affected products that potentially pose a fire-risk.

Which? research revealled that 113 models of tumble dryer built during the affected period are included in the recall which represents 80% of all of those made during that time.

Which? commented

“With the manufacturer still failing to publish a list of models affected, we’ve compiled our own list. We researched this list using the and websites.

The tumble dryer experts at Which? checked the model names of more than 140 tumble dryers made between April 2004 and October 2015.

We found that 80 out of 93 Hotpoint tumble dryers produced during the period are included in the safety alert. Also included are 28 out of 37 Indesit tumble dryers manufactured in the same period and five out of 11 Creda dryers.”

Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda tumble dryers included in the fire safety alert

Creda TCR2
Creda TCS3
Creda TVR2
Creda TVS3
Creda TVU1
Hotpoint AQC9BF5E
Hotpoint AQC9BF5S
Hotpoint AQC9BF7E
Hotpoint AQC9BF7E1
Hotpoint AQC9BF7I
Hotpoint AQCF852BI
Hotpoint AQCF852BU
Hotpoint AQCF952BI
Hotpoint CTD00
Hotpoint CTD40
Hotpoint CTD80
Hotpoint CTD80T
Hotpoint CTD85A
Hotpoint FETC70CP
Hotpoint FETV60CP
Hotpoint SUTCD97B6PM
Hotpoint TCAL83C6P
Hotpoint TCAL83CG
Hotpoint TCAM80C
Hotpoint TCD970
Hotpoint TCD975P
Hotpoint TCD980
Hotpoint TCD985BPX
Hotpoint TCDET87BEP
Hotpoint TCEL87B6
Hotpoint TCEM80C6
Hotpoint TCFG87C6
Hotpoint TCFM70C6
Hotpoint TCFM80CG
Hotpoint TCFM90C6P
Hotpoint TCFS73BG
Hotpoint TCFS83BG
Hotpoint TCFS93BG
Hotpoint TCFSM87B6PY
Hotpoint TCHL73CR
Hotpoint TCHL83CR
Hotpoint TCL770
Hotpoint TCL780
Hotpoint TCM570
Hotpoint TCM580
Hotpoint TCM585BG
Hotpoint TCUD93
Hotpoint TCUD93B6G
Hotpoint TCUD97B6
Hotpoint TCYL757C6
Hotpoint TCYL757CG
Hotpoint TCYM750C6P
Hotpoint TCYM750CP
Hotpoint TVAL73C
Hotpoint TVAM70C
Hotpoint TVEL75B6A
Hotpoint TVEL75C6
Hotpoint TVEM70C6P
Hotpoint TVF760
Hotpoint TVF770
Hotpoint TVFET75B6
Hotpoint TVFG65B6
Hotpoint TVFG65C6G
Hotpoint TVFG85C6
Hotpoint TVFM60C6P
Hotpoint TVFM70BG
Hotpoint TVFM80CG
Hotpoint TVFS73BG
Hotpoint TVFS83CG
Hotpoint TVHM80C
Hotpoint TVM560
Hotpoint TVM562
Hotpoint TVM570P
Hotpoint TVM572
Hotpoint TVYL655C6
Hotpoint TVYL655CG
Hotpoint TVYM650C6P
Hotpoint TVYM650CP
Hotpoint VTD00
Hotpoint VTD20
Hotpoint VTD60
Hotpoint VTD6000P
Hotpoint VTD60T
Hotpoint VTD65
Indesit IDC75
Indesit IDC85
Indesit IDC8T3B
Indesit IDCA735
Indesit IDCA7H35BTM
Indesit IDCA835
Indesit IDCA8350
Indesit IDCA835BS
Indesit IDCA835EU
Indesit IDCA835S
Indesit IDCE7H35BTM
Indesit IDCE845
Indesit IDCE8450K
Indesit IDCL75BHEU
Indesit IDCL85BH
Indesit IDCLG5BH(EU)
Indesit IDV65
Indesit IDV75
Indesit IDVA735
Indesit IDVL75BFR
Indesit IDVL75BR
Indesit IDVL85
Indesit IS60V
Indesit IS60VU
Indesit IS70C
Indesit ISA60V
Indesit ISL60V
Indesit ISL70C