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Miele GuideLine washing machine for the blind

The Miele GuideLine washing machine for the blind and partially sighted is a great new home appliance from Miele which brings new levels of home appliance accessibility to blind and visually impaired.

Appliance manufacturer Miele has announced that it has introduced a new model of washing machine designed especially for use by the visually impaired.

The WDD131 WPS GuideLine washing machine includes tactile markings, raised lines and symbols across its fascia to guide users through its range of settings. A large rotary dial displays 12 individual wash programmes which are indicated by clear dots.

"The first truly accessible washing machine specifically developed for blind and partially sighted people."

Robin Spinks, Senior Innovation Manager, Royal National Institute for Blind People

The machine also makes use of acoustic indications – each programme selection and setting is accompanied by a specific signal for smooth operation. Turn the dial to select a program and the unit will sound, turning on automatically. When a wash cycle has finished the machine will audibly alert users to remove their clothes.

In addition, each unit also comes with a USB stick containing an audio user manual in the widely recognised DAISY format for maximum usability.

Aside from its accessibility features, the machine is rated A+++ -10% for energy efficiency.

Miele GuideLine washing machine for the blind

Miele innovations for added convenience

The Miele GuideLine washing machine is mess-free, thanks to its built-in CapDosing system that uses detergent tablets to precisely dose the correct amount for each load of laundry. And the superb Add Load function enables you to add any forgotten items to the load at any stage of the cycle.

According to the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB), more than two million people in the UK are blind or partially-sighted.

RNIB Senior Innovation Manager, Robin Spinks said: ‘It’s fantastic that Miele has introduced the first truly accessible washing machine specifically developed for blind and partially sighted people.

‘Our Innovation Team works internationally with consumer brands to facilitate the development of inclusive products and we applaud Miele for recognising the needs of our community. We’re very excited about the potential of this product and the changes it might bring to the industry going forward.’

About Miele

Miele has been an award winning, independent family-owned company since its establishment in 1899 and is equally committed to its owners, employees, customers, suppliers, the environment and society.

In recent years it has won many accolades and the coveted Red Dot Innovation award numerous times and the Miele GuideLine washing machine is sure to continue the award winning tradition onwards.

The company focus is on manufacturing household appliances for the kitchen, the laundry room and for floorcare, as well as appliances for use in commercial operations and medical facilities (“Miele Professional”). The strategic vision is to become the most favoured brand of the industry in all relevant markets.