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Schuller exhibition centre virtual tour

If you have every fancied a tour of the Schüller exhibition centre in Herrieden, Germany but didnt want to fly to germany then you might want to consider this 360 degree Virtual tour of the Schüller exhibition centre.

Schuller German kitchens are one of the most popular designer german kitchen brands in the UK and are chosen not just for the luxurious quality and stunning designs, but the attentions to detail that Schuller offer, across the full product range.

Where is the Schuller exhibition centre?

The Schuller exhibition centre is located next to their manufacturing facility in Herrieden, Germany, a one hour train/car journey south west of the second biggest city in Bavaria, Nuremberg.

Why offer a Virtual Tour of the Schuller exhibition centre?

To answer this question we spoke to the owner of the UK's leading Schuller retailer, Shane Swift, who has Schuller dedicated showrooms in Chester and Manchester.

Shane told us "The Schuller facility in Herrieden is arguably one of the finest kitchen showrooms there is. The full room displays are outstanding and the quality of fit is exemplary and more indicative of a customer installation.

Where other German kitchen brands would gloss over small attentions to detail such as ensuring there are no gaps between the doors, Schuller do things differently and its why I have been a Schuller retailer for more than 10 years now.

However, whilst I often visit the Schuller exhibition centre in Herrieden myself to preview next years products in the flesh it is obviously not accessible for the consumer so this is were the virtual tour comes in.

A customer considering Schuller can review a far larger range of 360 degree displays than any other Schuller retailer in the World can offer but then Schuller defer to the independent retailers such as myself, to offer the client the in-depth knowledge, support and design focus they deserve, to get the most from their new Schuller design."

To order a brochure or arrange a Free Schuller Design Visit across the North West of England please visit Schuller German Kitchens Specialist, for more details.

Take the Virtual tour of the Schuller exhibition centre

Virtual tour of the Schuller exhibition centre
Click the above image to take the tour