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Whirlpool wins Get Connected product design award

Whirlpool has received a Product Design award in the leading design garment care category at the Get Connected Awards 2017 for its 6th Sense Live laundry pair.

According to Whirlpool, the Get Connected Awards “recognise genuinely innovative products with advanced technology and outstanding unique selling points”. A panel of judges nominated appliances for the awards, which were then voted for by retailers, distributors and service providers in the electrical retail industry.

“Whirlpool invests heavily in technology that is intuitive, makes life easier, and saves resources,” said Whirlpool brand manager Catherine Balderson.

A pity Whirlpool puts saving resources over saving lives so until Whirlpool are seen to act against this growing scandal every news item about Whirlpool on this site will have the tag #whirlpool-hotpoint-creda-indesit-fire to inform consumers that despite all the awards and achievements Whirlpool boast about, at heart your safety isn't something it puts first so just think about that before you put one of their appliances in your home as some reports have shown, the appliances are not limited to tumble dryers when in use, but as in the case of Grenfel, a fridge/freezer was reported as the start of the blaze and these appliances are not turned off when you go to sleep at night.

Fire Safety Scandal Grows

Yet more evidence has been heaped onto the already scandalous events unfolding with Whirlpool and its Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda branded appliances in regards to fire safety as an inquest has found that an electrical fault in the door of a Hotpoint tumble dryer was the most likely cause of a deadly fire that killed two men in a flat in the Welsh town on Llanrwst on the 10th October 2014.

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