Decorative Handles for Furniture and Interiors from Häfele UK

Häfele UK is the UK arm of the Häfele Group, which manufactures and supplies hinges, drawer systems, architectural hardware, and other fittings for the joinery, kitchen furniture, interior fitting, and hardware supply industries.

Häfele headquartered in the Swabian town of Nagold, Germany manufactures a diverse range of products from ironing boards to hinges and has an annual turnover in the region of €815m from 33 sales companies in 5 continents with some 4,000 employees.

They have an award winning national distribution centre at their UK head office in Rugby, Warwickshire.

The Häfele Modern Life Collection is just one of a range of new handle collections to accommodate a rich and diverse range of modern kitchen styles, contemporary living, and the more classic and traditional kitchens such as the Shaker Style Kitchens.

The New Häfele Handle Ranges

If high-end streamlined design reflects your style, then the Häfele Modern Life collection is undoubtedly what you are looking for  The collection includes designs ranging from stainless steel bar handles to profile handle systems, with finishes to match appliances and accessories throughout the home.

For the quintessential classic country style, a handle from Modern Classic range are a must. Great on finished wood or painted Shaker doors, these handles are created from a combination of traditional materials integrating designs with a modern day twist. You’ll find Lamont, Häfele’s first branded pewter collection in this section.

Divine, decadent and daring, Vintage is possibly the most avant-garde category, and the one you will want to explore for adding drama to a piece of furniture, be it Heritage, Retro, French, New Victorian, Oriental or Art Deco.

With modern day influences shaping urban life, the materials in this range are combinations of Metal, Wood, Acrylic, Glass and Plastic offering the most stylish and striking design applications.

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Sometimes you just want understated glamour in the form of an affordable, clean-cut functional design.

Sleek and Simple is where you will find all manner of interesting bar, bow and boss handles to suit all types of furniture applications throughout the home.

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Häfele UK has showrooms for people looking for kitchens manchester, london etc amongst others and are an ideal place to look at and try out some of our many products. We now have three showroom locations, at Head Office in Rugby and at our London and Manchester regional offices.