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Looking at much of the content in the home interiors magazines, the trade events throughout the year and what the kitchen brands themselves are releasing 2018 appears to be an extension on the 'urban chic' and modernism movement of 2017.

German kitchen and german inspired kitchens continue to push the market forward and whilst the brands such as Note, Nobilia, Schuller, Siematic, Leicht and Pronorm appear to have gained in popularity its been slower at the top for the likes of Poggenpohl, whilst newer brands to the UK such as Warendorf start to make ripples in a somwhat crowded pond.

But far from an expose on the German kitchen brands per se, it is worthwhile looking to the Germans and what trends of theirs are starting to make their way into the 'german inspired' brands and cheaper brands. Much as the likes of Primark and other high street fashion buyers look towards the catwalks and design houses of Dior, Prada and Burberry, PWS (i.e. Second Nature) look to see what the premium brands are putting out so as to incorporate styling cues into their cheaper kitchens.

Wood Tones

Whilst Nobilia had some shocking wood tone kitchens for the last several years, in the last 18months the tones of the wood have come away from 1980's B&Q pine inspired towards more 'washed' looks such as the Nobilia Riva SanRemo Oak Reproduction (pictured below)


Modern mix – natural look. Modern designer kitchens today appear large-scale and straight-lined, as in this elegant mix of fronts in Sanremo oak and exquisite Black glass.

Darker woods offer a more contemporary look which works better in the push for open plan living spaces of the modern home, feeding into the trend for ‘seamless living’ throughout downstairs open-plan designs.

Wood Decor Kitchen

Wood Decor Kitchen from Second Nature Kitchens



Again the german kitchen brands dominate as over the last 2-3 years bronze, copper and now Dark Steel from Schuller (shown below) are very much on trend and add to the growing list of industrial materials such as concrete that give a bolder and much more visually engaging texture to your home interior. However, whilst the metallics are relatively new to mainstream kitchens they have been a staple in the high end (architect led) designs for some stunning homes over the years.

Schuller Kitchens Targa Door available in Dark Steel and Bronze

Living Space 

The continued trend to expand the kitchen into a combined kitchen & living room will not cease in 2018, in fact quite the opposite and the continued release into the market of living room suitable storage furniture and kitchen cabinetry that can be both decorative and functional outside of the kitchen shows no sign of slowing.

As we started with, the consensus from the kitchen designers out there, the brands and the home interiors commentators is that 2018 is more of the same from 2017 with nothing groundbreaking but also nothing that has quickly fallen out of favour either so your white gloss handle-less is still safe for another year....