Whirlpool UK Appliances invests in home delivery service

Whirlpool UK Appliances has made a “significant investment” to become “the only major domestic appliance manufacturer in the UK to manage a home delivery service of its appliances directly to the consumer”, according to the company.

Whirlpool UK has said it now offers a seven-day delivery service for Hotpoint, Indesit and Whirlpool products with next-day delivery available on orders made before 6pm. The company is also offering installation of its built-in appliances.

“The major expansion of our logistics service enables further enhancement of the customer journey, offering a complete solution and service from the point of purchase through to the final installation,” said Whirlpool UK Appliances supply chain senior project manager Karen Slack.

“For retailers, this offers a considerable advantage, raising their game in the delivery and installation services available, while being able to compete in the ever-challenging white goods environment today.”

Brand communications director Ian Moverly added: “We understand that the purchasing journey of a major domestic appliance can be complex. We want our consumers to have a professional and seamless end-to-end experience.

“The final ten steps of the home delivery process is the most crucial in the whole journey of purchasing an appliance; our strategy has been to realign our home delivery service to offer a smooth experience to all of our customers.”

Kitchens Kitchens Editor Jeff Russell, “The UK has for too long lagged behind American levels of customer service and delivery and whilst many independents may challenge the brand owners like Whirlpool making such moves next day delivery for home appliances it is a win for consumers, some of whom will no doubt be without a working appliance for a period of time if their current one is broken.”