New KBB CAD software offers stiff competition

A series of new CAD programs from UK distributor Interisoft promises to offer stiff competition to existing KBB design software.

Bath-based Interisoft, which was formed last year, began operating in the UK this May when it unveiled InteriCAD, a software program aimed specifically at the interior design industry. The program has the backing of The Society of British Interior Designers (SBID) and Interisoft is working closely with KBB NTG chief executive Renee Mascari, who has taken on the role of design director.

Interisoft has over 25 years’ expertise in software development and is made up of a number of ex-Planit staff, including Patrick Love, an Interisoft director. It has revealed, exclusively to kbbreview last week, plans for a three-phase approach to the market, which will see the launch of a further two CAD programs to rival existing software already used by the kitchen and bathroom industries.

Interisoft’s sales and marketing director Colin Seaton said: “We’re taking a three-phase approach to the UK market. We launched InteriCAD first because no other software program offers the capabilities for the interior design industry that InteriCAD does. With this software a designer could literally build a whole house, furnish each room individually and even design the garden.

“Phase two, which is set for early 2014, is the launch of KDMAX, a program for the kitchen market that will enable us to compete directly with the likes of 2020, ArtiCAD and Compusoft. This software is already heavily used in Europe and South Africa for kitchen design and because of its flexibility, easy-to-use properties and incredibly photorealistic imagery nothing else in the market comes close to it.”

As part of phase three, Interisoft will launch Ceramic King a specialist bathroom and tile CAD software program.

The developer behind InteriCAD, KDMAX and Ceramic King, Chinese firm Y F CAD, has been operating in the global market for almost 20 years and has more than 300,000 users worldwide.

According to Seaton, retailers and designers will also benefit in terms of pricing from the new CAD programs. He said that, because of the scale of numbers, Interisoft can bring each product to the market at a very competitive price point.