Liverpool based Victorian Plumbing reports continued growth

Victorian Plumbing

Online bathroom retailer Victorian Plumbing has reported a 28% increase in turnover in the last six months “despite weak overall market expectations and growth for the sector”, and is expecting more than £100m for its 12-month turnover.

According to the company, its £53.7m turnover figure for the period is exclusive of “recognised peak trading times” such as the January sales and Black Friday. In the 18 months to March 31, 2017, the company achieved a turnover of £123.5m and pre-tax profits had increased by £3.1m with Victorian Plumbing attributing the results to increased economies of scale, given the current market position.

The growth in turnover of 28%, if maintained for the duration of the financial year is significant against the overall sector seeing a more modest growth of some 3%.

“My team is delighted to see our continued investment into Victorian Plumbing paying off,” said marketing manager Joe Pascoe. “We’ve focused our attention heavily on building our brand in the past 12 months and further refining our performance marketing channels.”

Managing director Mark Radcliffe added: “We’re very proud to have been able to continue to grow at an astonishing rate – currently putting us about double the size of our nearest competitor. Despite what I have read about other competitors who may feel the market is currently challenging, we feel very strongly that the opportunity is there.”

Victorian Plumbing is a leading retailer of bathrooms online. From their headquarters based in Liverpool, UK, they sell a huge range of modern and traditional bathroom products online store as well as in their showroom in north Liverpool at the Formby Business Park, Formby.

We’ve come a long way from our humble beginnings, and we’re now one of the largest bathroom retailers in the UK.

Over the last few years, bathrooms have become one of the most popular rooms to decorate in the home. With a lower cost, less time taken and less disruption that remodelling your kitchen combined with the growth in contemporary bathroom fixtures, fittings and products, the bathrooms in the KBB sector are coming into their own and with  over 13000 products to help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted Victorian Plumbing are fast on their way to achieving in the bathroom sector, what Appliances Online did for the home appliances market.