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Kutchenhaus plans two further showrooms in Scotland

News has emerged that Kutchenhaus plans more showrooms in Scotland during 2023 and as such has committed to two new showrooms in Falkirk and Ayrshire respectively.

Nobilia owned Kutchenhaus has often come under criticism from independents selling Nobilia due to the perceived conflict of interest in Nobilia selling directly via Kutchenhaus, but you cannot deny that in a striking volume of independents in the Kbb industry, Kutchenhaus is bucking the downward trend in opening more showrooms.

Paul Lee, head of marketing at Kutchenhaus, commented: “Opening further Scottish showrooms means we’re able to expand our network and offer German quality kitchens to more of the country. Those who visit our showrooms in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and soon Falkirk and Ayrshire, can enjoy a consultation with a kitchen designer and create their ideal bespoke kitchen from scratch. Our brand offers a wide variety of styles, finishes and colours, as well as the latest in kitchen technology.”

Franchising the Key to Kutchenhaus Success?

Several years ago Kutchenhaus decided to venture down the franchising route and use its industry knowledge and partner relationships with consumer finance, PR & marketing, web design and Google Ads service providers to put together a solid franchising proposition.

Although the franchise is marketed as "no upfront fee" the set up costs are payable over 5 years and Kutchenhaus says they will help franchisees source up up 70% of 'funding from partners'.

Done right franchising helps a brand grow into new locations but mitigates much of the financial risk of doing so and as such has enabled Kutchenhaus to open more showrooms than its competitors.

The market for 'german kitchens' in the UK has taken a downward trajectory during the cost of living crisis, with the Google search activity down over 50% on like for like time comparisons before Covid.

It has certainly been a difficult 3 years for the UK Kbb industry and time will tell if the support of Nobilia, can elevate the new Kutchenhaus showrooms in Scotland and outperform the rest of the UK market for German kitchens.