How Much Kitchens Cost – and Why

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Choosing a kitchen is not just about style and colour – there’s more to consider when you’re thinking about spending £1000’s, so make sure you’ve got the facts.

The clever Kitchen Designers at Kutchenhaus have produced an infographic to help people understand the different factors that are important when buying a new kitchen.

Kitchen Price

A kitchen is a hugely desirable addition to a home – improving both your lifestyle and the value of your house.

You can spend a few thousand pounds on a low end, flat-pack kitchen which, properly fitted, will look great and work perfectly well for a number of years.

Or you can spend a bit more on a German Mid-Price kitchen which will give you more choice, more technology, factory built rigid units and consequently more years service.

Or, you can really splash out and go for one of the big brand names of German Premium kitchen which gives you the extra ‘swank’ factor.

Kitchen Fitting

Fitting costs are a significant proportion of your total spend so consider your options before you decide on which kitchen to choose.

A low end, flat pack kitchen needs to be fitted carefully and correctly to ensure you get the best out of it – and that means time!. If you plan on fitting it yourself then you need to commit to that time, if you employ a kitchen fitter then you need to pay for that time.

A German Mid-Price kitchen comes pre-built from the factory (you, or your fitter, just need to attach the handles in the pre-drilled holes). This will save you an enormous amount of time and money, and ensure that the quality of fit is not dependent on the quality of the fitter.

A German Premium kitchen is also pre-built which makes life much easier – if you’re in the market for one of these kitchens then the retailer will no doubt have a wealth of experience fitting these and do an excellent job.

Kitchen Choice

A low end, flat-pack kitchen supplier has on average 400 units of various styles and sizes which will usually adequately accommodate most requirements – and a range of ‘fillers’ can be used to make the modern kitchen fit almost any room.

A German Mid-Price kitchen supplier gives you a much larger choice of units, not just more sizes but more functionality and more technology, which ensures that all of your needs can be accommodated and that your kitchen is unique to you.

A German Premium kitchen gives you the ultimate in bespoke kitchens – the list of solutions is again virtually unlimited and the choice of colours and finishes can take your choice from 120 (in the German mid-Range) to over 150.

About Kutchenhaus

Kutchenhaus German kitchens are built in Germany by Nobilia Europe’s largest kitchen manufacturer and supplied direct to you. By cutting out the middle man we can offer high quality  German kitchens at low prices! All our high gloss fitted kitchens are solid, pre-built kitchen units – not flat pack, so your kitchen is built to last!

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