Caple launches new wine cabinet brochure

Caple launches new wine cabinet brochure

Caple has launched a new brochure showcasing its “complete portfolio of undercounter, in-column and freestanding” wine cabinet products.

The full-colour, 50-page brochure includes lifestyle photography and “expert advice” for consumers. According to Caple, the brochure is “the perfect sales tool for retailers”.

The new literature also features pages explaining the unique selling points of its Sense and Classic wine cabinets, as well as the company’s Caple Care three-tier aftercare solution.

“At Caple we’re renowned for our incredible collection of design-led wine cabinets and our beautiful new brochure perfectly showcases this, making it a must-have sales tool for all our retailers,” said Caple product manager Luke Shipway.


As the new Caple says, if you’ve invested a lot of time and money in your wine, you’ll also want the perfect place to store it too. As all wines react to their environment a Caple wine cabinet is a must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy the full aroma and flavour of a good bottle of wine. We know how important a fine wine collection is, which is why our wine cabinets are specifically designed to keep it in perfect condition. The kitchen is often at the heart of a good party. So choose a wine cabinet that’s stylish, versatile and designed for the serious entertainer.Caple’s wine cabinets cater for every kind of occasion, big or small. They’re packed with functionality and there’s no better way of having perfectly chilled drinks to hand whenever you want them.Some of our wine cabinets are also very flexible. If you need space for cooling other drinks such as bottled beers and canned soft drinks you can simply convert the interior by easily adding an optional frosted glass shelf. Once fitted other drinks can be stored, freeing up space.

All wine should be stored at 12°-14°C whether red or white. Our cabinets simulate cellar conditions – dark, still, humid and a constant temperature.
For rosés and whites it’s 8°-14°C, for sparkling wines it’s 6°-10°C. Full reds need 16°-18°C,where as lighter ones are best at 13°-16°C. For some wine cabinets this temperature variation is a problem. However, Caple
cabinets can offer multiple zones that keep all your wines at the perfect temperature for storing or better still, serving.
When choosing a wine cabinet it’s important to consider the type of cooling system it uses. Many conventional cabinets use thermoelectric technology, which is only capable of cooling to 15°C below the room’s ambient  temperature. So on a warm day of 25°C the contents will only cool to a minimum of 10°C, leaving your wine exposed to potentially damaging temperatures. Caple’s wine cabinets use a compressor cooling system, which maintains precisely the right temperature, regardless of the ambient room temperature. We’ve even compacted this state-of-the-art technology to fit in our slender 15cm wide model.