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bathroom group Roca

Bathroom group Roca sales exceed €2billion

News from Bathroom group Roca has said that its group sales increased by 1.9% from 2021 in what cn only be described as challenging global economic conditions.

Given that despite the background of macroeconomic uncertainty and complexity and a global slowdown in demand following the cost of living crisis and the war in Ukraine, that bathroom group Roca managed to achieve any growth in like for like sales and buck the wider Kbb downward trend, is nothing short of remarkable.

Roca Group realised EBITDA of €356 million, equivalent to 17% of turnover, and a net profit of €42million

Roca Group reported that its 2022 growth is largely thanks to improvements made in the efficiency of its production and business operations which it says have become more adaptable to differing local needs, and more orbits policies to reduce and control the costs of.

Bathroom group Roca is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain so it may not come as a shock to learn that sales increases in Spain have continued since 2014 and 2022 continues this trend.

However, Roca maintained that increases in sales in the markets of India, China, and Brazil have also been “significant”.

Who Are Bathroom Group Roca?

Roca has 78 production centers in 18 countries and directly employs 24,000 people.

With over 100 years of experience Roca has become an international leader in design and production of bathroom products. They manufacture everything in the bathroom from sinks, taps, toilets and showers to furniture and accessories.

Roca manufacturers its full array of bathroom products and solutions for use in the home and commercial settings and in recent years have seen steady sales growth in its sales in the hospitality sector. Growth has been particularly evident with its touch-free solutions into hotels (which incorporate sensors) that since the outbreak of covid has seen greater emphasis on such [touch free] bathroom solutions.