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Wren Kitchens

Wren Kitchens opens ‘largest kitchen showroom in UK’

UK Kitchen retailer Wren Kitchens has opened its new showroom in Reading, which the company says is the “largest kitchen showroom in the UK”.

The vast 20,500sq ft kitchen showroom space features an astonishing 77 kitchen displays which in turn showcase some 30 styles in over 100 colours.

Wren Kitchens Reading showroom manager Dean Thurston mentioned that in addition to the large array of displays, hopefully providing home owners with a lot of kitchen ideas and inspiration that the flagship showroom also has a virtual reality suite.

“This is a really exciting move for us,” Thurston said. “The sheer size of the new showroom means we can display a much larger collection of the kitchens we offer, as well as an incredible, state-of-the art virtual reality suites allowing the designers and customers to test out their kitchen designs and easily make edits and adjustments to create a truly bespoke experience.”

In other Wren news the company which employs over 4,000 staff was rated as one of Britain’s Top 25 Employers, as Ranked by their Employees. Wren Kitchens scored consistently highly for valuing and treating its employees well and was only beaten by Apple in the survey and taking an impressive 2nd place.

Ranking Company Sector Available jobs
1 Apple Tech 120

Wren Kitchens

Retail 143
3 GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals 169
4 Homeserve Insurance 7
5 Rolls-Royce Engineering 41
6 Nando’s Restaurants 147
7 Lush Cosmetics Retail 22
8 John Lewis Retail 117
9 Unilever Consumer goods 58
10 Marks and Spencer Retail 1,039
11 Harrods Retail 185
12 BBC Media 192
13 Barclays Financial services 802
14 Clarks Retail 123
15 Pandora Retail 160
16 Cargiant Automotive 20
17 Liverpool FC Sport 1
18 Adidas Retail 12
19 Thomson Reuters Media 48
20 Estee Lauder Consumer goods 602
21 Lloyds Banking Group Financial services 133
22 The Perfume Shop Retail 255
23 Microsoft Tech 132
24 Tesco Retail 5,961
25 InterContinental Hotels Hospitality 161


Aside from John Lewis no other kitchen retailer features in the above list yet in another list, namely of the most popular kitchen brands, John Lewis and Wren both account for roughly 3% each of the UK kitchen market.