Who Are Harvey Jones kitchens?

Harvey Jones kitchens have been making kitchens from their Cambridgeshire workshop for more than thirty years, and according to their website, have in that time designed and crafted more than fifteen thousand hand made kitchens. 

Fast forward to today and they now have some 30 kitchen showrooms across the UK, with plans to open more, which is certainly bucking the industry trend.

Harvey jones kitchens and a few other smaller firms like them are able to adapt to changing customer needs and trends or carve out (like Harvey Jones) a niche which they become known and respected for.

Again, according to their website (www. harveyjones.com) Harvey Jones’ philosophy is to offer understated, premium-quality cabinetry, combined with the best in thoughtful design and service, whilst always offering exceptional value for money.  All of our kitchens are designed and made to order, unique to the needs of their owners.  No matter what sort of look you choose for your home, our talented designers are on hand to make your dream space a reality.

What type of kitchens do Harvey Jones offer

Harvey Jones kitchens are built using traditional framed construction with the cabinet  doors set into hardwood frames, and they secure them with ‘butt hinges’ to ensure that they will not drop – no matter how much they are used. This type of construction certainly lends itself to durability and as you would expect the cost of handmade kitchens is a lot more than flat-pack but that cost is more than justified in the type of product they offer.

A lot of consumers would want Harvey Jones kitchens but are not simply prepared to pay the money for them. You wouldn’t walk into Bentley and expect one of their new hand finished cars for the price of second hand Ford Fiesta but alas there are people who don’t think twice making the same mistake in buying a kitchen.

Harvey Jones kitchen cupboards also have solid tops and backs that are tongued and grooved, screwed and then pressure-glued to maintain maximum rigidity which again adds to the strong kitchens and just as durable name they have built for themselves by selling such as quality orientated product.

Harvey Jones have showrooms ideal for people looking for kitchen in Bath, Battersea, Bournemouth, Brentwood, Bristol, Cambridge, Cheltenham, Kitchens Chester, Edinburgh, Fulham, Glasgow, Guildford, Hampstead, Harrogate, Hove, Islington, Leamington Spa, Marlow, Oxford, Sheen, St. Albans, Tunbridge Wells, Wilmslow, Winchester, and last but not least kitchens inWorcester

Call Harvey Jones kitchens on 0800 389 6938

Harvey Jones build all of their kitchens in the Cambridgeshire workshop and although hand-made, each kitchen that is ordered is constructed to the same rigorous and precise standards using their traditional in-frame construction.

Harvey Jones Kitchens - Painted Shaker 2 Harvey Jones Kitchens - Painted Shaker