VIP kitchens high on gas????

We at Kitchens Kitchen love everything about Kitchens and whilst we look for news stories from various sources such as kitchen company websites, trade magazines and the like, from time to time the general news does produce some kitchen related stories such as jobs being created, jobs being lost and high profile company liquidations like Moben so bearing that in mind have a look at this little gem.

We found this on the DailyMail India and try as we might, be looking at the headline alone of “VIP kitchens high on gas” we couldn’t have guessed what the story/scandal was, so its good to know that the DM in India has just as much editorial prowess as that in the UK.

Basically the story is about Politicians taking a little more than their fair share but not of money, not expenses (in a way) and not a scandal about off shore accounts but liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders.

“At a time when the Union government is considering a proposal to limit subsidised liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders for each household to between seven and nine every year, the number used by the country’s politicos across party lines in the last 12 months ranges from as many as 30 to a staggering 185”

The story even came with a ranking of who were the worst offenders and Vice President Hamid Ansari used a shocking 83 cyclinders from June 1 2011 to May 31 2012, which as you can see folks, is a lot more than the national average.

Whats more, and in typical DailyMail reporting is that the usage of these subsidised liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders in their “VIP Kitchens” article is reported with equal scorn and without a hint of irony alongside, major allegations of corruption, Commonwealth Games scams, the $35bn mobile phone 2G spectrum allocation scam, and more. Quite how a few extra gas cylinders a year rivals a $32bn scandal involving political corruption is beyond us but nevertheless it makes for interesting reading, not.

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