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ASKO Appliances

Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO recruits Michelin-starred chef

Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO, has announced that renowned Michelin-starred chef, Tom Aikens, will join forces with ASKO as its Global Chef Ambassador for 2024.

Although not a web known brand in the UK, ASKO has started to make headway into the UK market and news that Michelin-starred chef, Tom Aikens, will join forces with ASKO as its Global Chef Ambassador will no doubt aid its brand promotion efforts and help the business align itself with its target market.

As the ASKO Global Chef Ambassador, Aikens will be collaborating closely with the brand to showcase the versatility and performance of its kitchen appliances, which includes everything a home chef needs, from warming drawers and ovens, wine coolers and refrigeration to hobs, hoods and coffee makers.

From innovative cooking techniques to imaginative recipes, Aikens will provide exclusive insights and inspiration to food enthusiasts eager to elevate their culinary skills and bring some Michelin-starred inspiration into their homes.

Tom Aikens and Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO

Aikens, whom at aged just 26 became the youngest British chef ever to be awarded two Michelin stars has confirmed appearances at the EuroCucina in Milan later this month and then the IFA in Berlin in September.

Visitors to his events will be treated to live cooking demonstrations and a Michelin starred tasting experience, in addition to learning about the quality of the ASKO appliances.

Commenting on the role of Global Chef Ambassador Aikens, said: “Joining forces with ASKO as its Chef Ambassador is an exciting opportunity to share my passion for sustainable, seasonal cuisine with a global audience. Together we will champion culinary excellence and inspire home cooks to elevate their cooking experience.”

The Growth of ASKO

Although in the US, you can buy Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO online and in store from big shed retailers such as BestBuy, in the UK, ASKO isnt currently available from the likes of, although you can buy some of their Laundry appliances from Curry's.

Instead, the retail channel in the UK favoured by Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO seems to be via smaller retailers and independents. Whether this will continue as the brand grows in popularity, remains to be seen but for now, Kbb independents can no doubt include Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO in their offerings with a sense of uniqueness and competitive advantage.

ASKO was founded in 1950 by Karl-Erik Andersson, whose first invention was a washing machine and following a steady rise in Scandinavian, it caught the attention of Slovenian Gorenje Group in 2010 when they acquired ASKO. In turn Chinese multinational major appliance and electronics manufacturer company Hisense acquired a 95% majority stake in Gorenje Group in 2018.

Scandinavian appliance brand ASKO