Quadro range of built-in appliances from Zanussi

In an effort to re-energize and reaffirm Zanussi’s design identity, the company is launching a redesigned its Quadro range of built-in appliances.

The new range offers a simple geometric look with easy to use controls designed for people “who’d rather spend time with family and friends than spend it doing chores.”

Zanussi says the redesigned Quatro range is bright, bold and provides a strong platform to continue its successful brand building activities.

The range has achieved international recognition with a Good Design Award in 2000 and another in 2004 and maintains the “rigorous form that Zanussi established with its award-winning Quadro products in 1999.”

Design elements featured in the range include, a distinctive arched shaped handle, black tinted glass doors and amber Led’s and displays on many of its ovens, a hood design that also has an arched surface and colour coordination throughout the range.

Senior industrial design manager for Zanussi, Roberto Barbieri said: “What I hope we have achieved in the new design is a calibrated mix between easy to use, reliable products, and the original and modern Zanussi brand personality.”

“It should be a practical and expressive design, adaptable to the consumer’s life that becomes not a tool but partner in their daily life.”

About Zanussi

Zanussi is an Italian producer of home appliances that in 1984 was bought by Electrolux. It very much was a leading brand for domestic kitchen appliances in Europe and its tagline ‘ the aplpiance of science’ was regularly featured on TV advertising.

The Zanussi Company began as the small workshop in 1916 by Antonio Zanussi,  an enterprising 26-year-old son of a blacksmith in Pordenone in Northeastern Italy where upon he set about the business of making home stoves and wood-burning ovens.

Innovation and design has and remains the cornerstone of success for Zanussi: a glance at products such as OZ, Zoe and Teo encapsulates this, while today’s technologies and user-friendly designs continue to build on this heritage – for example, in the early 1980s Zanussi launched the Jetsystem washing machine range to great acclaim whilst at the same time running the aforementioned “Appliance Of Science” advertising campaign in the UK. The campaign is acknowledged as one of the most successful marketing campaigns of all time and still remembered by many today. The Jetsystem is still a leading technology.

The Zanussi website is at www.zanussi.co.uk

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