Iconic British Brand KENWOOD debuts in Canadian Kitchens

Celebrated in kitchens the world over for its award-winning triumvirate of quality, innovation and design, iconic British kitchen appliance manufacturer KENWOOD is poised to make its much-anticipated Canadian debut this month, taking the art of cooking to a decidedly new level for a generation of professional chefs and at-home cooks alike.

“Kenwood is very proud to be entering the Canadian marketplace at such an exciting time in the kitchen appliance industry,” says Mr. Mark Welch, Chief Executive Officer, Kenwood. “We are respected pioneers in the industry with a well-earned reputation for the design and manufacture of the most cutting-edge, efficient and stylish kitchen appliances. We look forward to inspiring Canadians with the confidence to create more in the kitchen and believe their experience with Kenwood will be a positive and long-lasting one.”

Steeped in a rich British heritage spanning 65 years and counting, Kenwood has gained an outstanding international reputation and continues to live up to its good name. With one product sold every three seconds, resulting in customer purchases of 10 million Kenwood products every year, the UK-based brand holds the enviable position as the global brand leader in total food preparation and food processors in non-North America markets, while ranking first in kitchen appliances across Europe. Looking towards a bright future in Canada and abroad, it remains the brand’s mandate to continuously introduce creative and innovative cooking solutions to consumers around the globe.

The Kenwood Canada Collection October 2012 will herald the arrival of Kenwood in leading department stores and specialty kitchen retailers across Canada. The comprehensive counter-top culinary collection is poised to include the Kenwood Cooking Chef, its most coveted kitchen appliances and favourite of Britain’s own Chef Heston Blumenthal and Chef Dale MacKay, the inaugural winner of Food Network’s Top Chef Canada.

“I absolutely love it,” says MacKay of Kenwood’s Cooking Chef. “The incredible assortment of multi-task attachments far exceeds anything we’ve seen here in Canada up to now. It’s obvious how much workmanship has been put into ensuring the functionality truly delivers and, coupled with an impressive induction cooking system, I’m really excited to have it in my kitchen.”

With the Cooking Chef leading the charge, the well-appointed 12-piece motorized collection will be comprised of additional multifunctional Kitchen Appliances that offer more versatility than stand mixers, multifunctional Multipro Food Processors boasting a patented dual-drive system for slicing, chopping, blending and juicing all in one product, thermal-resist glass goblet Blenders and triblade technology Hand Blenders for faster and easier blending, as well as an extensive range of attachments offering unrivalled functionality: citrus juicer, mini chopper/mill, blender, food processor, pasta roller, tagliolini cutter, pasta cutter and meat grinder. With upwards of one hundred products offered worldwide, the introductory collection will serve to whet the appetites of Canadian consumers with a promise of more good things to come.

Kenwood Values Remaining steadfast at the heart of Kenwood are the following guiding principles:

Quality: All Kenwood products are built to stand the test of time. Kenwood selects only the best materials to support and enhance each product’s role in the kitchen and makes performance and durability the cornerstone of each product;

Innovation: Kenwood has spent more than 65 years dedicated to developing kitchen appliances and appliances to improve food preparation in every kitchen. Kenwood’s unparalleled experience ensures the technology, skills and insight to genuinely innovate and bring completely new products to life;

Design: Kenwood products never go out of fashion and, in the last ten years, have won more than 30 awards for product design. Kenwood takes great care to develop simple, timeless designs that will continue to grace kitchens for generations to come. Kenwood products look every bit as durable as their quality build, representing an astute investment that will continue to delight.

Birth of a British Icon In 1947, Kenneth Wood established the Kenwood Manufacturing Company in his garage in Woking, located in the south of London (UK). The first Kenwood product ever launched was the A100, a redesign of an electric toaster which allowed users to toast both sides without touching the bread. Three years later, in 1950, the Kenwood Chef revolutionized post-war kitchens with its launch. The innovative kitchen assistant was uniquely equipped with three outlets, each with a different power speed, making it possible to prepare an infinite number of recipes in record time. From there, Kenwood quickly became regarded as an expert in food preparation. In 1962, Kenwood moved its facilities to Havant, UK, providing for larger production facilities. Shortly thereafter, the Kenwood Chef became a bonafide worldwide success.

Fast forward forty-seven years to 2009 and the invention of the Kenwood Cooking Chef – the first kitchen appliance with a built-in induction heating element, allowing for cooking and mixing simultaneously.

October 2012 marks the arrival of Kenwood to North America where the brand will build upon and expand its premier global positioning in the marketplace.

About Kenwood Since the 1950s, Kenwood has been famous the world over for innovation, quality and great design with a comprehensive range of kitchen appliances, from the Kenwood Cooking Chef kitchen machine, food processor to hand blender, from kettle to coffee maker – “everything you need to make your life easier in the kitchen”.

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