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Hotpoint launches new washing machine range

Hotpoint, the Whirlpool owned appliance brand, has launched a new range of washing machines.

The new range, which is range is available in capacities of seven, eight, nine and 10 kg, is marketed as a series of products that can effectively remove even the most stubborn every day stains without requiring pre-treatment.

Catherine Balderson, Senior Hotpoint Brand Manager says: “Hotpoint is passionate about manufacturing products that protect and care for consumers’ clothes and laundry, and the brand new range of washing machines is a perfect example. Thanks to its series of dedicated and innovative features, such as the new Extra Touch button and Anti Stain 40? programme, consumers can benefit from an outstanding, yet gentle, cleaning performance, meaning that they are now able to remove even the most stubborn household stains, while caring for their clothes.”

Whilst there is no suggestion that the new Hotpoint appliance will cause a fire in your home, one has to look at the track record of Hotpoint and its owner Whirlpool and say to themselves whether Whirlpool (and Hotpoint) are the type of company that you would trust with home appliances and would they admit any future safety flaws or would they act with a similar disregard for consumer safety as it has routinely been accused of in recent years.

If it isn’t enough that the scale of the Whirlpool (#whirlpool-hotpoint-creda-indesit-fire) scandal is of such a proportion that millions of homes were at risk of fire, injury and death as a direct result, the actions of Whirlpool were widely considered to be nothing short of a modern day Ford Pinto scandal, were corporate greed was put before consumer safety.

Kitchens Kitchens does believe in forgiving and forgetting, but only when Hotpoint and Whirlpool finally make restitutions for their actions and stop trying to deny the scope of the fire risk and other continued and ongoing attempts to sweep it all under the carpet.

Given that they have put customers under gagging orders, otherwise known as non-dicsclusre agreements to try and minimise its obligations and brand damage, sorry but now is not the time to forgive, and certainly not one to forget given that Whirlpool are still aggressively trying to change the narrative on this scandal.

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