High Def cooking with Luce by Hotpoint Multiplo

Multiplo by Hotpoint

If you look past the cheesy ‘High Definition Cooking’ promotional claims from Hotpoint what get with the Luce by Hotpoint Multiplo is a modular, domino-style hob with a unique multi-functional benefit as with the Multiplo you can steam, boil, roast, fry and slow cook – making it the ultimate all-in-one cooking appliance for perfect cooking results and all important versatility.

Multiplo by Hotpoint

Domino Hobs are very on trend but their use is one of those trends that is more than just a passing fad or this season must have. Domino hobs provide versatility in the kitchen and enable a wider range of dishes to be cooked with only minimal space consideration and its in this ilk that whilst the Luce by Hotpoint Multiplo doesn’t offer a Teppanyaki grill (a fave of ours – derived from teppan, which means iron plate, and yaki, which means grilled, broiled, or pan-fried.) the Luce by Hotpoint Multiplo is a great all rounder.

It boasts five cooking methods including: Steam, Roast, Fry, Slow Cook, and Boil, all from an easy to use touch controlled electronic display. There are two Individual timers – 1 for each cooking zone, and 2 x 1.4kW Induction Zones (Combine to 2.8kW), with 16 Power Levels, and Residual Heat Indicators.

Accessories include: 2 High Quality Stainless Cooking Vessels, 2 Glass see-through lids, 2 Steaming shelves, 1 Deep fry basket, 1 Pasta draining basket, 1 Set of handles for removing vessels, 1 Large Cooking Vessel containing glass lid, steaming shelves and pasta draining basket

“Everything cooks better in HD” is a little bit lame (a phrase) from Hotpoint to be honest but whilst your food wont look any more ‘high def’ than normal the Luce by Hotpoint Multiplo is definitely a great buy and at around £2400-2500 is does work out cost wise to be in the same realms as choosing 3 or 4 domino separates, but here in one unit.