Häcker Küchen and the not so Phantom Menace

Häcker Küchen  latest creation the Phantom is a truly exciting and innovative concept unique to the company which is both practical and at the same time holds that wow factor which everyone wants to achieve with their custom designed kitchen.

The Phantom operates on Silent Move technology, patented by the company. This allows a colossal piece of natural stone to gracefully and silently float across the kitchen island, hence it’s name, the Phantom. The slightest touch will reveal a beautiful flush mounted Miele induction hob and custom made Blanco stainless steel sink and tap. When finished preparing the food user can then simply close the natural stone surface with an effortless push. The Phantom is now available at german kitchens manufacturer Hacker Kitchens, and using a variety of unique natural stone surfaces that will compliment any of the world’s most beautiful kitchens.

It is expected that Häcker Küchen latest creation the Phantom will feature quite prominently in the up and coming Ideal Home Show, which starts 16th March. The show, which has been running for over 103 years has been bringing ideas and inspiration to generations of British home owners and the show is back at Earls Court London, with more features, more expert advice and more fun for all the family.

Another award winning Häcker Küchen product expected to feature in this year’s show is the modern kitchen design innovation led, emotionNova range.

As part of the recent Häcker innovations emotionNova adds further weight to the claim that company is the industry leader in cutting edge design by being the latest in a long line of the company concepts to win the prestigious BMK award for kitchen design innovation. The range is a fusion of ideas, inspired by traditional kitchens of times now passed, blending harmoniously with the elegance of classic kitchens in a modern world. Traditional or vintage kitchens were characterised by the separate pieces of furniture and rarely saw a continuous run of furniture around the room. Each area of the kitchen is separated by a cooking, storage or cleaning module, using exclusive materials like satin glass, veneer and the very best in technology.

The design featured prominently at the Milan Salone Furniture Fair as part of its new Emotion Collection, which is Hackers flagship product range that positions them alongside the leading kitchen design companies in Germany and for which it is expected to bring to the UK as part of the German Kitchens breakaway trend of 2012.

Hackers Philosophy:
Hacker produces modern fitted kitchens that fulfil the highest claims in terms of quality, functionality, durability and design. The Hacker name is well known in the sector as a guarantee of sound design, reliability, commitment and success. Hacker is the reliable partner of the specialist trade both today and in the future. Rapidity and flexibility are the maxims in the fields of process organisation, delivery, deadlines and quality. Hacker employees work in the customer’s interest. The aim is satisfied customers. Hacker embodies and constantly wishes to improve customer commitment. hacker seeks partnership with its customers. This begins with communication and is conveyed by a versatile network of relations.