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German Kitchens - Real Kitchen Case Study

German Kitchens Uber are a North West based kitchen designer and retailer who specialise in the German kitchen brand Häcker Küchen.

Operating from The Gemini Business Park, Warrington and on the cusp of Manchester, German Kitchens Uber offer a Nationwide Design Service, with their kitchens designed in the UK and then manufactured by their German partner Häcker.

Häcker are renowned for quality and their attention to detail manufacturing process which wouldn’t be out of place in the car factories of Mercedes, Audi and BMW and unlike many of the kitchens available in the UK right now, German Kitchens Uber operate by having the kitchen ‘ready assembled’ and shipped whole.

Factory Assembled
By having the kitchens factory assembled, there are cost savings to be had, and passed on to the customer, but also, there are more costs savings when it comes to the overall price and installation as the fitting time is significantly reduced and the margins of errors in fitting, all but eradicated.

Real Kitchen Case Study
The UK kitchen industry is competitive buts it’s the growth in marquee brands such as Häcker that are fueling the industry and looking at the case study from German Kitchens Uber, its not difficult to see why.

The Liverpool Kitchen Customer example found on their website is simply outstanding and you can see why they are so popular for people looking for Kitchens Liverpool.  There is a great kitchen island which is such as focal point and you can see many a dinner party and other parties being well catered for.

There is some really clever storage ideas, and the positioning of the cookers, sink, fridge and storage in the essential ‘kitchen triangle’ format are a credit to the designers, who have really shaped this kitchen by design around the available space and making it stunning but typically German in that its not just about beauty, but form and function too.

Italian Kitchens like their cars can never be considered ugly but quite often, Italian flair is let down by lack of form and function and whilst it may be pretty to look at, its impossible to live with day in day out. German Design however, considers a success when the function of the car or the kitchen is as equaled as the beauty.

For more on German Kitchens Uber or to take advantage of their UK wide Free Design Planning Service and get yourself a very very Uber Häcker Küchen see their website for more details: