FIRA Gold Product Certification for Dundee based JTC Furniture Group

A kitchen manufacturer has been awarded FIRA Gold Product Certification for its kitchen units aimed at the social housing and domestic markets.

JTC Furniture Group, based in Dundee, has had products in its Craftsman Kitchen Range; including the Signet, Eclipse, Solitaire, Chateau and Hacienda White frontals, pass performance tests for FIRA Gold Heavy Domestic/Contract kitchen use.

FIRA Gold Product Certification is a quality mark awarded by FIRA International and backed by the Furniture Industry Research Association, experts in the furniture industry for 65 years.

A manufacturer and supplier of a range of fitted furniture products, JTC operates across the social housing, private development and retail markets furniture offering full design and advice services, site surveys and installations as required.

FIRA Gold Certification is awarded following stringent assessment of the products to ensure they fulfil all relevant industry standards. The accreditation means that the production processes used by JTC have passed a rigorous series of tests to ensure that their kitchen furniture is made to the highest standards each and every time.

David Rand, Managing Director at JTC Furniture Group, said, “The FIRA Gold Certification is the highest and most demanding standard to attain. It provides our customers with independent, third-party verification of the quality of our Craftsman Kitchen Range and complete reassurance that they are buying the right product.”

FIRA will ensure consistency in production quality through regular audit testing and inspections to check that the Craftsman Kitchen Range continues to provide a high level of performance.

Phil Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer for FIRA International, said: “We are pleased to award FIRA Gold Product Certification to JTC for its range of kitchen furniture. To gain Certification, the fitted and freestanding kitchen storage units and worktops are tested for structural, surface finish and environmental performance. Our experts also look at the overall workmanship and carry out an ergonomic assessment. These products have passed all relevant tests and standards to show that they can perform well in a heavy domestic or contract environment, such as social housing. Specifying FIRA Gold on a tender document is becoming increasingly common, as it serves as independent evidence that a product will be up to the job in hand.”

FIRA Gold is the only accreditation scheme recognised by the furniture industry and audited by an independent third party.

JTC Furniture Group is also a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association.

For more information on the advantages of FIRA Gold Product Certification click here or call 01438 777 700.

About JTC Furniture Group

With over twenty five years of industry experience JTC Furniture Group recognise that the business of today is very different from when JTC Furniture was founded. Therefore in addition to investments in the latest panel shaping machinery, JTC Furniture Group proudly counts itself as a field leader in integrated planning, design and IT. JTC Furniture Group investments in the latest virtual environment software allow the business to realise projects from all stages of design to manufacture using the quickest, most flexible and efficient methods possible.

As part of JTC Furniture Group’s commitment to total furniture solutions, JTC undertakes to manufacture and supply our furniture, offering full design & advice services, site surveys & an installation service when required.