A look at Schuller Kitchens

Schüller is always one step ahead. To create something new and to maintain the existing. Always looking for the optimum. As regards the product development, functionality, design and customer satisfaction as well as product reliability. All the time on the go for a new piece of the future: the future of the kitchen.

Schüller breaks new grounds, especially created for the individual kitchen life of each user. Just the way their owners live. For the place where people cook means more; it represents expression and reflection of the living status, the needs.

Founded in 1965 by Otto Schüller, today the innovative company is among the Top 5 kitchen manufacturers of the world. Since 2003 the family-run company has been directed by Markus Schüller, Max Heller and Manfred Niederauer.

About 1.140 employees produce about 95.000 kitchens a year in the Franconian Herrieden – each of them individually tailored according to the customer, made in Germany and environmentally orientated.

Schüller is internationally acting on the markets of Germany, Europe and across the borders. Always open to new ideas, always assuming responsibility for all – the company, the employees, the trading partners and the environment.

Schüller commits itself and has an active share in environmental protection by a responsible production, the use of recyclable materials as well as an investment of millions in innovative heating technologies and heat recovery. Since quality for Schüller means as well quality of living.

Factory Site

next125 and next line –  this means made in Germany. Schüller is an industrial enterprise with a conscious commitment to the site of Germany – more exactly to the site of the Franconian Herrieden.

Not far from Ansbach, at the headwaters of the Altmühl, engineers, specialists, carpenters as well as product and sales experts are developing, creating, producing and selling high-quality next125 and next line kitchens. With the safety and reliability of an efficient German kitchens manufacturer.

The factory premises ranges over 180.000 sqm – whereas 123.000 sqm are overbuilt. As training centres serve the “s.a.c” in Herrieden for the Southern area and the “house4kitchen” for the Northern area of Germany.

Design, production and logistics in responsibility for nature

The certification of our enterprise with the PEFC logo is an indication of our engagement with the environment and the responsible handling of the indispensable raw material wood. Because the integrative concept of the PEFC initiative is engaged with preservation of the ecological equilibrium of our forests and it is a guarantor for a controlled work chain through independent supervision, there is complete comprehension and a guaranteed effectiveness.

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